Rage of Staging


In 1986 Wim Vandekeybus went into seclusion in Madrid with a group of young and inexperienced performers and set up his company Ultima Vez. Over the years he has developed his own aesthetics in a radical and original way and has made more than 50 stage productions and films.

To celebrate this, we now have The Rage of Staging, the long-awaited book by and about Wim Vandekeybus. It presents an exclusive insight into the choreographer’s mind and soul. In addition to contributions by fellow artists and previously unpublished writings and notes, it contains more than 400 unique pictures illustrating his repertoire.

Specially for the 30th anniversary of Ultima Vez, you can order an exclusive and signed copy of the book from our own webshop. 


I think first of all in images. Images with a high level of emotion, but which are not immediately intended to make anything clear. Their ambiguity makes them attractive. Out of these emotional images I create living performances that involve passion, love and the struggle for that love.A circle of inspiration takes shape, moving from living image, to captured image, to inspiration. The Rage of Staging does not attempt to tell all the stories, but may give an insight into this circle and thereby evoke the missing links. Wim Vandekeybus