26 Nov 2017, Sun

On Sunday 26 November, 6 arts organisations invite you into their home in the centre of Molenbeek. Discover the vibrant activity behind the big blue doors: a unique breeding ground for dance, theatre and film since 2012. And get to know the various performing artists there: the choreographers Wim Vandekeybus & Seppe Baeyens (Ultima Vez), Franck Chartier & Gabriela Carrizo (Peeping Tom), Arco Renz (Kobalt Works), Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau (ECCE), Daniel Linehan (Hiatus) and the documentary-maker Lut Vandekeybus (Khadouj Films).

For the 5th anniversary of this special place we invite you to try out a varied mixture of workshops, open rehearsals, performances and films. 


Performances and open workshops 


11:30 Preview INVITED by Seppe Baeyens (Ultima Vez) 

13:00 Workshop by Claire Croizé (ECCE) 

14:00 Inauguration playground photos / Fanfakids / Dance Solo by Yassin Mrabtifi (Ultima Vez) 

15:00 Open Class ‘Talking Hands’ by Wim Vandekeybus (Ultima Vez) 

16:30 Open Class ‘Flood’ by Daniel Linehan, Michael Helland, Anneleen Keppens (Hiatus) 

17:30 Dance Solo by Sadé Alleyne & Dance Duo by Alexandros Anastasiadis & Patricia Hastewell (Ultima Vez) / Concert by INVITED Trio   


Film screenings 


11:30 Not All that the World does, is good for a Mennonite  (Khadouj Films/Lut Vandekeybus) 

12:30 32 rue Vandenbranden  (Peeping Tom) 

14:00 Heroine Movie  (Kobalt Works)  

14:30  Linda and Ali, Two Worlds within Four Walls  (Khadouj Films/Lut Vandekeybus) 

16:00 À Louer  (Peeping Tom)  


+ Mobile pizza oven & workshop by ‘Samen voor morgen’ 

+ Kids room 

+ Drinks & Music 


No need to subscribe for any of our activities in advance.