Research Program

The Ultima Vez Research Program is a unique laboratory for dance, theatre, music and combined arts research and development which will take place one or two times a year in our new studio in Brussels. This program will allow Wim Vandekeybus to invite, meet and work with dancers, choreographers, actors and musicians from all over the world, with the aim of establishing a platform for research and creation.


During the first workshop in September 2012 participants worked with Wim Vandekeybus himself, but also with a selection of actors, dancers and teachers he has great affection for. The first names are Jerry Killick, Nicola Schöβler, Laura Arís and Máte Mészáros.


Wim Vandekeybus: "When I founded the company Ultima Vez 25 years ago, there wasn’t a lot of exchange between performers. I did study very hard on my own, but knew little about the working process of other creators. We were guided by our intuition and didn’t know what the result of our research would be. Today I still strongly believe that this way of working is very productive. This is actually the main reason I want to start this research and exchange program between selected dancers, actors, circus artists, performers, experienced people and beginners."




The program takes place once every two years during a three week workshop in the Ultima Vez studios. The selected group of participants and teachers will change within time. Everybody has to follow the general process of three weeks. It’s not a class but an artistic adventure.


By invitation only


Workshop is for free, but participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging.