Hands do not touch your precious Me

With Hands do not touch your precious Me, Wim Vandekeybus creates a mythical tale of confrontation and transformation, light and darkness, death and rebirth. For this he collaborates with the composer Charo Calvo, eight dancers and – for the first time – with performer and visual artist Olivier de Sagazan. Together they create a world in which bodies balance like living, fleshly sculptures between the utopian and the gruesome, the powerful and the fragile.


As the premieres of our latest creation were canceled, behind the scenes we bravely continued to work. In anticipation of the live performances, Hands do not touch your precious Me had a livestream on the 16th of January on the 24/7 platform of KVS. 

Knack Focus **** "Hands do not touch your precious Me is like a fireball that rushes by and makes you glow with admiration and desire." 


After Tornar (2015) and INVITED (2018), dancer and choreographer Seppe Baeyens continues to build on his study of the possibility of forming a temporary community with Birds (2021). In this new production he explores the separation between theatre and reality. In order to achieve this, he leaves the theatre and seeks out public spaces. From april on stage - and off!