Hands do not touch your precious Me

With Hands do not touch your precious Me Wim Vandekeybus creates a mythical story of confrontation and transformation. For this new creation he collaborates with composer Charo Calvo, eight dancers and performer and visual artist Olivier de Sagazan.

Rambert x Wim Vandekeybus live-stream performance

Wim Vandekeybus is currently working at dance company Rambert in London to create their first real-time, live-stream performance showing at September 24, 25 and 26. More info and tickets.   


With INVITED, Seppe Baeyens formulates his artistic response to the question of how the audience can help write the choreography of a performance. Taking dance as a common language, he establishes a community embracing both cast and audience. INVITED was selected by Het TheaterFestival. All dates in our calendar