An increasing number of people have been settling in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek in recent years. It has almost 100,000 inhabitants and is one of Belgium’s most diverse boroughs. As an arts organisation, Ultima Vez is by no means alone in Molenbeek, and the majority of its participatory work is carried out in this unique district.


By means of close cooperation with such partners as Centrum-West, BroM, BruSec, Zonnelied, Cardijnschool, MUS-E Belgium and the Brussels Ouderplatform, Ultima Vez is constantly engaged in the active participation in dance by varied target groups. Much of this is concentrated on increasing the support for dance as an art form in the neighbourhood, school and society. In addition to Wim Vandekeybus’ vision and practice, most of the artistic substance for this participatory work is provided by choreographer Seppe Baeyens. In recent years he has amassed a great deal of expertise in working with people from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. At the heart of this is the notion of intergenerational work.


Among the elements of its cooperation with local partners is a Participatory Laboratory held in the dance studio in Molenbeek every Saturday. This low-threshold workplace is open to both the dance community and people for whom it is not easy to find a way into the worlds of dance or theatre.


Contact: Gilles Noël