Practical information

Regarding the levels

Ultima Vez workshops are divided in two groups, amateurs and advanced. Our level division is based on field experience and is applied by all our teachers. In case of doubt or insecurities, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Simen Eeckhout


> Amateurs

For those who are curious to discover the universe of Ultima Vez, performers (circus artists, actors, ...) and non-performers. No professional schooling required. Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez universe bases its work on mankind confrontation, creative imaginary and athletic dynamics. A fit physical condition is mandatory. 


> Advanced

Applies to professionally active dancers and performers (circus artists, actors, ...) with a strong physical condition. The challenging and intensive workshop demands extended physicality needed to intensify the level of the dance and performing experience.



The workshops in Brussels take place in the Ultima Vez studios (Zwarte Vijversstraat 97). For workshops abroad, please check the website of the local organizer for information on how to get there.


Lodging in Brussels

Ultima Vez cannot offer any lodging to the workshop participants. Cheap lodgment in Brussels is possible in a youth hotel or on airbnb.