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In 2007, for the 20th anniversary of Ultima Vez, Wim Vandekeybus invited a host of artists for a two-day festival in the famous concert temple Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.  It became a legendary weekend of festive big band sounds, punk rock, electronic sounds, surprising visuals, films and countless surprise acts. After this special anniversary event Wim Vandekeybus was asked several times to create similar experiences in Belgium and abroad. 

In July 2010 Wim Vandekeybus created a unique event in three different cities: Ostend, Salzburg and Vienna. Herefore he invited the eclectic and adventurous Belgian rock musician Mauro Pawlowski - member of the internationally renowned band dEUS. Mauro Pawlowski performed together with the funky, hot and steaming band Pawlowski. Wim Vandekeybus also invited (ex-)dancers of Ultima Vez and a VJ to complete this wild catwalk program with dance, music and video.

4 Jul 2010, Sun


10 Jul 2010, Sat


15 Jul 2010, Thu


26 Mar 2011, Sat

The Netherlands

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