The workshops are led by (ex-)Ultima Vez dancers who have worked with the company for several years and have a broad experience in teaching classes and workshops. Here you can find a short description of who they are.


Laura Arís Alvarez

Laura Arís has been a member of Ultima Vez from 1999-2008. In 2009 Laura Arís created EMBER together with Jorge Jáuregui. They collaborate with different artists and their performances are being presented internationally.


Germán Jauregui

Germán Jauregui began working for Ultima Vez after an audition in 1998. In the meantime he also developed his skills as a dance teacher, leading classes and workshops internationally. He is currently also making his own work.


Iñaki Azpillaga

Following an encounter with Wim Vandekeybus in the ’90, Iñaki joins his company Ultima Vez in Brussels where during 3 years he performs in Wim’s creations. Later he becomes one of the movement assistants for multiple performances of the company. Currently he combines his work as choreographic assistant with other pedagogical occupation: he teaches workshops and dance lessons to professionals, vocational students and different target groups.


Robert M. Hayden

Robert has been a member of Ultima since 2002, he regularly teaches Ultima Vez workshops and is now developing his own work.


Eduardo Torroja

In 1986 Eduardo moved to Brussels to collaborate with Wim Vandekeybus as a choreography assistant, trainer and performer for the very first Ultima Vez productions. In the nineties he also collaborated with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Rosas) and Jan Lauwers (Needcompany). In 2000 he moved back to Madrid where he acted in film, TV and theatre productions. He was also artistic assistant for the following Ultima Vez productions: Blush, Sonic Boom and the revival of What the Body Does Not Remember in 2013.


Luke Jessop

Luke joined Ultima Vez in 2012 for the creation of booty Looting and has since performed in various creations of Wim Vandekeybus. He regularly gives workshops and classes, and is now starting to develop his own work.


Maria Kolegova
In 1999 Maria Kolegova began her studies at the Contemporary Art Centre in Yekaterinburg. Later she joined the company Dancetrest as a dancer, teacher and young choreographer. In 2006 she moved to Moscow to dance for the Moscow Theatre of Contemporary Dance. In 2012 she joined Ultima Vez and danced in What the Body Does Not Remember, nieuwZwart, Spiritual Unity and Speak Low if You Speak Love, Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour and Go Figure Out Yourself.