Ulti'mates: the early years

Since 1998 Ultima Vez has supported former dancers of the company amongst whom the Las Palmas-based company El Ojo de la Faraona(Carmelo Fernández / Juan Benítez), the German choreographer and performer Isabelle Schad, Swedish choreographer/dancer Rasmus Ölme and his REFUG-Collective, Giolisu (Giovanni Scarcella / Lisa Da Boit) and the Brussels based company Les Ballets du Grand Maghreb (Saïd Gharbi / Anna Stegnar).
From 2006 onwards Ultima Vez widened this support to artists with whom Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez have strong artistic affinites, such as the Brussels based collective Peeping Tom and Flemish choreographer Hans Van den Broeck/CIE SOIT. After two years both companies became totally independent, but they still have their offices in the same space as Ultima Vez.