UV Workshop for amateurs - German Jauregui

@ Ultima Vez
Teacher: German Jauregui

Workshop date Monday, February 20th to Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Hours 10:00 - 16:00

Workshop location Ultima Vez (Brussels, Belgium)

Price €120

For Amateurs


German Jauregui

Transmitting the Ultima Vez vocabulary is all about the specificity of the creation process and the physical, energetic movement Wim Vandekeybus’ performances are known for. The workshop will propose physically demanding tasks that deal with elements of corporeal, psychological, and emotional risk. These tasks will inherently challenge various limitations, inviting the participants to go beyond them. The workshop is designed to unlock the flow of living impulses within the body. Once unlocked, our attention, intention and awareness guide our work naturally. The primary and practical focus throughout the workshop will be on the delicate meeting point between precision and organicity, awareness of space and one’s ability to react to its constituent elements and to improvise within a structure. The overriding emphasis is focusing on developing within oneself what can be called the ‘total act’; a state wherein the performer works toward creating his or her own ‘movement as a theatrical act’ rather than as a technique.