UV Workshop for professionals - Thi-Mai Nguyen

@ Ultima Vez
Teacher: Thi-Mai Nguyen

Workshop date Monday, December 5th, 2022 to Friday, December 9th, 2022

Hours 10:00 - 16:00

Workshop location Ultima Vez (Brussels, Belgium)

Price €150

For Professional dancers


(c) Thi-Mai Nguyen

-I see you-

You make the difference by who you are. How much you decide to give by your presence to the other people around you and to the scene. By being there. That’s a simple challenge but never ending. We’ll begin with a warm-up of each body part, following a focus on qualities of movements.

Three challenges are introduced during the course:

- How to distribute our energy throughout a set of movements, technically very challenging.

- When we retain or let go our body talks, switch from a quality of body to another.

- How to be fully involved in the doing instead of merely reproducing forms.

We’ll experience the “repetition” exercise, from the acting technique of Stanley Meisner, that will be later confronted with the dance. We will see how each movement is significant, and we will take care to be fully in the present moment while dancing.