Andrea Gallo Rosso

Andrea Gallo Rosso is an Italian-born choreographer, dancer, and teacher.

He approaches the theme of memory and conflict on different levels. The embodied memory carved into his own body after an accident is the basis of Occhi (2012), a solo for theatres and alternative spaces, and the memory of the people who mark our lives is the basis of I meet you... if you want (2014), which was a finalist in the Premio Equilibro Roma 2014. But it was with PostProduzione (2015), co-produced and presented at the Oriente Occidente festival, that a new phase in his work began.

As a response to the maritime migration crisis, he began a personal questioning of the social frictions he felt, and his research focused on memory and conflict in our society. As a result, he began to develop inclusive, participatory projects in which the enhancement of human potential was the main line of approach. In this context, the intergenerational and intercultural project MOVING CLOSER (2018) brings together newcomers (with particular attention to the context of migration) and people pre-established in the same territory. Moving to Brussels, Andrea was selected by WIPCOOP 2020 and from 2021 he begins a dialogue with the participation activities of Ultima Vez.

Today he has received the Bourse de recherche de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, thanks to the support of ILES, and for the academic year 2022/2023 he will be teaching for the first level university master in dance and social inclusion MaDIS, by the Italian national academy of dance AND supported by the CeDAC multidisciplinary circuit of performance of Sardinia and by five other partners.

Beginning its activity in Italy thanks to the Interplay festival, it has presented its work in national and international networks - Anticorpi XL, Les repérages, Dance Roads - in 10 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, France, Italy, Northern Macedonia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom).

Andrea Gallo Rosso (c) Karolina Maruszak