The 'participate part' on this website branches into two flourishing branches with, on the one hand, the participatory part, whereby Ultima Vez profiles itself as a Brussels place where makers share their art practices with each other and with a wide audience, including participants from diverse backgrounds in the field of age, physical and mental capabilities, gender, cultural and social context. Ultima Vez aims to structurally and consciously expand the participatory operation in order to make contemporary dance as an art form accessible to a diverse audience, to focus on talent development and to actively involve and connect people in a coexistence in super-diversity. The participatory philosophy has always been an inherent part of the Ultima Vez DNA. The (dancing) body has always been at the center of the experience for both participants and audience. The participatory actions are done through Atelier Quartier, Atelier Kids and Atelier Quartier+.

On the other hand, there are the UV Workshops, in which the participants explore and investigate the universe of Ultima Vez and the specificity of the creation process and the physical, energetic movement that Wim Vandekeybus is known for.

© Danny Willems
UV Workshop (c) Wim Vandekeybus