Our building

Behind a big old iron garage door in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek is where Ultima Vez is housed. The offices moved to this new building on 12th June 2012, 25 years to the day after the opening performance of What the Body does not Remember. A beautiful symbol for a building that will play an important part in Ultima Vez’ future. The building is shared with Hiatus (Daniel Linehan), Kobalt Works (Arco Renz), ECCE (Etienne Guilotteau and Claire Croizé) and Caravan Production.

The focus lays on the three studios. The Big Studio has natural light, but there are window shades which can be drawn to create a black box. Of this large studio, the architect Marcel Rijdams designed a smaller, suspended, version: our Small Studio. The two studios have their own showers and sanitary facilities so that they can be used independently. We also have a third studio: the Peeping Studio, where Peeping Tom had their office before. It's the smallest studio but it can be made dark the easiest.

These studio's can be rented to others when Ultima Vez isn't using them for their own needs. For more information on rental and rates, please contact Gregory Leclercq.