Ultima Vez is looking for a general manager - 2nd call

Ultima Vez is looking for a new person who can take on the general management, with final responsibility for the financial and business aspects, the HR and the strategic vision with regard to the short and long term planning. More information and how to apply via this link.

UV Workshop for professionals - Laura Aris

Ultima Vez is hosting another dance language workshop for professionals starting on Monday, March 20th to Friday, March 24th at the Ultima Vez Studio in Brussels. This workshop is taught by Laura Aris, who has a long history with Ultima Vez and will pass all of her movement knowledge on to you. For more information, go to this link

What's happening at Ultima Vez in January, February and March?

UV Workshop for professionals - Thi-Mai Nguyen

A new Ultima Vez dance language workshop is coming up! From December 5th to 9th, professionals can explore and confront the company's universe through improvisations, contact and partner work. More information and inscriptions via this link.

Scattered Memories - 35th Birthday of Ultima Vez

Ultima Vez exists 35 years in 2022. It has been that long since our first premiere in Haarlem of What the Body Does Not Remember, a title that still fits this anniversary event.

What Remains (Zoë Demoustier) in creation!

What Remains is a story about beginning and ending, about standing at the very end of a lifeline, at the point where you start as a child or where you end as an older one. The poetry of changing as a person, making memories and the fear of losing them.


Dive into the dark and mythical universe of Wim Vandekeybus' new creation, Hands do not touch your precious Me. Supported by the soundscape of composer Charo Calvo, eight dancers, and the powerful visual performance of Olivier de Sagazan, this performance is a poetic trip into the underworld.