Scattered Memories - 35th Birthday of Ultima Vez

Ultima Vez exists 35 years in 2022. It has been that long since our first premiere in Haarlem of What the Body Does Not Remember, a title that still fits this anniversary event.

Hannah Arendt said, it is almost impossible to tell your own story. You can only tell it through the others who are close to you.

Time gets trickier as it grows in your head. Memories and plans get mixed up as nightly dreams tackle reality. After more than 40 creations with so many wonderful people with daring ideas and stunning talents, it is hard to separate feelings and memories from future plans. The past knocks on the door of what is still to come and on that crosspoint, we look back and forward with our special anniversary project Scattered Memories with a large cast.  Titles, people, success, failure, travels, emotions, pain, effort, stress, fun, arguments, experience, bluff, new people, collaborations, light, darkness, love, beauty, fear, chaos, more new people, injuries, happiness, friends, death, voids, new born, problems, rage, flesh, imperfection, suffering, child, instinct, imagination, doubt of doubts , hope … of what , when, where …

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