What Remains (Zoë Demoustier) in creation!

What Remains is a story about beginning and ending, about standing at the very end of a lifeline, at the point where you start as a child or where you end as an older one. The poetry of changing as a person, making memories and the fear of losing them.

In What Remains, Zoë Demoustier brings two generations together on stage: children who start life and older dancers who leave life behind. The outcome of that encounter is a physical and dancing game between old and young that exposes the perishable body. In a language of movement in which roles can be reversed, both are strong in their vulnerability. A child carries his grandparent; an elderly dancer regains his childlike freedom; Who takes care of whom? They find each other in the similarities and differences. The older generation consists of professional dancers. These dancers embody the forgotten body, the body that should no longer be visible on stage. Who are those people, that forgotten group? Are they forced to stop because of a changed body?

What Remains © Tom Herbots