Bericht aan de bevolking / Avis à la population

Wim Vandekeybus

Inne Goris, Greet Van Poeck

Rachel Clinckspoor, Siri Clinckspoor, Karolien Daems, Maarten Daems, Joba De Maet, Arthur De Roey, Anneke De Ville, Julie De Vos, Louise De Vos, Collette Eerdekens, Winne Henckens, Sofie Jacobs, Lieke Knoops, Sebastiaan Luttik, Bob Mobunga, Naomi Mobunga, Mac Pairon, Bram Roelandt, Michiel Soete, Elisabeth Steenmans, Chiara Temmerman, Wauter Temmerman, Stijn Van Asch, Fernando Vandekeybus, Jelle Vercruysse, Louise Verhelst, Egon Van Herreweghe, Kateline Vleeracker, Laura Zuallaert

© Jo Voets

In 2002 Wim Vandekeybus was invited by the Brussels literature festival Het Groot Beschrijf to lead a workshop for youngsters, titled Bericht aan de bevolking / Avis à la population. With a group of about 25 children and youngsters between the ages of 6 and 18, he explored the boundaries between text/language and movement.

Wim Vandekeybus invited them to shout out their unvarnished opinions and inspired them to create poetical power.
They report on everything they have always wanted to say, but never managed to put into words, with language, humour and the body in an important role.

Not without any pride the result of the workshop was presented during the Groot Beschrijf Festivalhappening at BSBbis in Brussels. A slightly reworked version was later also presented during Kaapstad, a dazzling multidisciplinary cultural festival by and for youths in the frame of Bruges 2002, Cultural Capital of Europe.