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Are you eager to join in when you see others dancing? Do you want to move, dance, jump, roll, laugh or simply do what you want? Then Atelier Kids is for you! Give shape to your emotions while dancing and discover with us what dancing can and may be. At Atelier Kids you are part of a diverse group of children who discover the world together and fantasize new worlds!

As a dance house, Ultima Vez welcomes talented artists on a daily basis. Atelier kids allows itself to be stimulated by fun contemporary themes that also appear in the current productions of Wim Vandekeybus and our new makers.

Give in to the urge to dance, sign up for a great season of Atelier Kids and challenge yourself every Saturday morning.

INVITED © Danny Willems


Here you will find an overview of all our upcoming workshops.

© Sofie De Backere
© Sofie De Backere
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