Portraits & Landscapes

During December Dance 13, Wim Vandekeybus not only shows dance. Cultuurcentrum Bruges also highlight his photographic talent.

Wim Vandekeybus: "For several years now I have been working on my first feature film, ‘Galloping Mind’. Several versions of the script have been put on paper, but a script needs continuity: real images, matching locations, living characters, sharp dialogues, compelling music... and all this long before the shooting itself is actually planned. Reality feeds fiction; one recognizes characters, landscapes, atmospheres. While travelling through Chile, Morocco, Taiwan, Spain, Cape Verde, Congo, Australia and South Africa, I photographed people and landscapes as I visualized them while writing the script. Every still image presented here carries a story of its own, but they are also mutually interwoven. It’s like looking at a seed and imagining the tree. This exhibition is a reflection of what I have been engaged in in recent years – it’s like running along in my 'galloping mind'. A visual experience as a shared emotion or dream."

Buy a photo of a character or landscape that inspired Wim Vandekeybus to write the film Galloping Mind and become a co-producer. More information on wimvandekeybus.be