Infamous Offspring

Direction and script Wim Vandekeybus

9 dancers on stage

Co-production Teatro Comunale Di Ferrara, Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, KVS

Infamous Offspring (c) Wim Vandekeybus


Is a fictional dance/film/theatre piece inspired by Greek characters. About a PATCHWORK FAMILY whose parents are iconic musicians and the descendants are a group of notorious but sensitive dancers. INFAMOUS OFFSPRING harks back to the stories of Greek mythology, family soaps and archetypal stories about the dysfunctional family around the gods. Primeval stories about parents and children. About power, seduction, aggression, humiliation, exclusion, manipulation, beauty, cunning, … Ancient stories that traveled through time through transmission create a recognizable hierarchy of contemporary parents versus their children.


The parents in INFAMOUS OFFSPRING are filmed characters interacting with their nineheaded offspring on stage.

Israel Galvan, flamenco icon, plays the best friend of the family and communicates only through his rhythmic body expression.

Fiona Benson, writer of furious, fierce, ecstatic poems. with an unfaltering determination, dark imagination and self-inspection. Reworking old myths to the contemporay realm, mixing solemnity with lyricism, for the interaction between film and stage and as an inspiration to the dancers and the musicians.